Spartan women vs athenian women essay

In athens women had no rights, but in sparta they were valued and had rights ancient visitors to sparta often commented on the freedom of the women athens was a weak bloated cow based on inequality and led by elitists who had their own interests at heart. Women in ancient sparta and athens pages 2 words 992 view full essay more essays like this: athens, spartan women, sparta, athenian women sign up to view the complete essay show me the full essay show me the full essay view full essay this is the end of the preview sign up to view the rest of the essay. The spartan civilization was a step ahead in regards to their treatment of women in the ancient world about the author: eliza sullin is a college student and likes to read about world history she did her best essay on history once about the treatment of women in sparta and athens. Spartan women vs atheian women essay, research paper the women of ancient greek times athens vs sparta essay, research paper athens vs sparta athens and sparta do this mothers of spartan soldiers were very harsh the soldier is dead. Athens women vs spartan women essay after comparing athens and sparta, i believe as a young woman living in sparta would have been better for me - athens women vs spartan women essay introduction as a woman in sparta, i would have been taught to be physically fit, so i could have children and defend sparta.

Related documents: spartan women essay women essay spartans vs athens essay why was spartan society so different from athenian society sparta's form of political organization was oligarchy in which a small number of men dominated policy making in an assembly of male citizens sparta organized its society based on military readiness and. In sparta, the women had so much more freedom than the women in athens the athenian women had to stay home and do what the man said and do all the work around the house (f) their women were treated like children and many times the women were expected to be timid and earful (e. Women's rights in ancient athens and sparta facts about ancient greece ancient greek were formed nearly 4,000 years ago greece wasn't one country but many smaller city-states, each with its own laws, customs and rulers. Document based essay and directions short answers and directions: 1 base your answer only on what is in the document 2 answer in no more than three sentences athenian women had different from athens, spartan women could own land just like the men could in fact, they owned more than 1/3 of land in sparta spartan women were expected to.

Athens and sparta comparison athens and sparta athens and sparta were the two largest greek city-states of the ancient world they were the biggest of rivals, two towering cities at their peak, the most influential cultural, military, and trade powers of western civilization in the first millennium bc. Essay: athens and sparta the athenian women were very literate and educated the women were not counted as citizens and they were not allowed to hold property most of the time the spartan women worked on fields and were medics to the injured spartan soldiers they were considered as mothers to all spartan soldiers (connolly 260. Sparta vs athens essay sample during the times of ancient greece, two major forms of government existed, democracy and oligarchy the city-states of athens and sparta are the best representatives of democracy and oligarchy, respectively.

Comparison of athens and sparta essayscomparing athens and sparta is like comparing heaven to hell one of the the few similarities which athens and sparta share is that both of the cities are located in the same country, greece greece is a mountainous peninsula that closely resembles in size. In sparta, women had much more freedom because the men were not around athenian women did not attend school, but many learned to read and play music at home women had no political rights and could not own property athens sparta vs athens kids ppkey author. Spartan women also had more rights than athenian women we will write a custom essay sample on athens vs sparta specifically for you for only $1638 $139/page. The spartan and athenian city-states had very different thoughts when it came to the way women were treated, and how they thought it was suitable for them to act athenian women were treated appallingly compared to spartan women. Spartans realized that “regardless of gender all spartan people had an obligation to serve the militaristic end of sparta”(gaughan) this essay mostly focuses on how athens and sparta differently and similarly treated their women to the following questions.

Download thesis statement on athens vs sparta in our database or order an original thesis paper that will be written by one of our staff writers and delivered according to the deadline. Athenian women can be classified into three general classes the lowest class was the slave women, who carried out more of the menial domestic chores, and helped to raise the children of the wife. Argumentative essay sparta vs athens the women of the athenian society had a huge impact on their community the spartan female’s main purpose was to produce spartan men they were squired to stay physically fit and healthy during the course of their years growing up healthy mothers usually resulted in healthy offspring. Women in athens & sparta essay sample historians have spent a long time attempting to establish what exactly life was like for women in ancient greece like all studies of ancient greece, they focus primarily on the two most powerful city-states in the hellenic world, athens and sparta.

Spartan women vs athenian women essay

Free research essays on topics related to: physical education, athenian women, slave women, women in society, spartan women research essay sample on women in ancient greece athens and sparta writing service prices per page. Primary texts about women in classical athens and sparta provide an excellent, if extreme, example of one of the main themes in the 100-level “world history to 1500” this theme is the relationship between social structure and political institutions. Differences and similarities of the women of athens and sparta - women in the ancient world had few rights, they differed from country to country or, in the case of the women of athens and sparta, from city-state to the city-state. Spartan women had more freedom than athenian women this essay will discuss these differences athens taught more academics to their young boys than spartans did.

  • Guiding question: athens or sparta: in which city would you like to live overview of lesson: students learn about life in athens and sparta (for men and women) and debate whether they would prefer to live in athens or sparta using evidence.
  • Spartan women and their role in society compared to athenian women spartan women were definitely more dominant in society in comparison to their athenian sisters spartan women had the freedom of equality in their society but were not allowed to vote and they had a reputation for boldness and licentiousness that other greeks found unseemly.
  • An example of this treatment can be seen in the lives of women living in athens in contrast, a neighboring area, sparta, illustrated a differen free essays must be free tm spartan women vs atheian women essay.

Athenian women, like spartan women, had no voice in politics, but spartan women possessed much more freedom than the average athenian woman spartan women were permitted to be involved in business, run farms and own land. The author discusses the poor treatment of women in society, which comes into focus when we look at these two states he also describes the two major forms of governance in the ancient greece, which is democracy practiced in athens and oligarchy in sparta let us write or edit the essay on your topic sparta vs athens: lycurgus vs.

spartan women vs athenian women essay In comparison to athens, spartan girls were better fed their their athenian counterparts, and were taught writing the role of an athenian woman in greek society was minimal by comparison to present day standards, athenian women were only a small step above slaves by the 5th century bc. spartan women vs athenian women essay In comparison to athens, spartan girls were better fed their their athenian counterparts, and were taught writing the role of an athenian woman in greek society was minimal by comparison to present day standards, athenian women were only a small step above slaves by the 5th century bc.
Spartan women vs athenian women essay
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